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 Diplomatic Status

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PostSubject: Diplomatic Status   Diplomatic Status EmptyWed Jul 25, 2012 3:44 pm

The Order of Duluminatai is split between 3 alliances, The Order, Hell Hounds and Duluminatai, togheter we form one single alliance, attacking any of these alliances means attacking the other one.

Duluminatai is currently at war with: -
Duluminatai currently has a non-agression pact with: Truthless, Russian Front, Shadow Stalkers, Recrudescence, Army of Darkness
Duluminatai is currently allied with: Dark Abyss Gods, The Dark Brotherhood, Fear, Powerswitch, Italians beast war, Scumbags, Dark Legion, Grandmasters, New Paradise

UPDATED ON 2012/09/05

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Diplomatic Status
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